PROLOGUE is your one stop partner in the logistics industry. Our approach encompasses the selection, implementation and supervision of the supply chain and affiliated service providers on behalf of our client.

The key to our success is that we acquire the role of contact for all parties involved, from suppliers to service providers, thus ensuring an efficient, well-oiled supply chain.


With a well-established network of service providers, coupled with our knowledge of local transportation services in Asia and Europe, we are able to offer our customers savings, expertise and flexibility.

PROLOGUE offers several choices – our client selects the best fit.


PROLOGUE has built long-term relationships with Sea- and Airfreight Carriers and has acted as a “Direct Business Partner” since 2001 – which is a unique situation. Our clients are in control – deciding on the carrier, the quantities, the date, and the port which are most beneficial to them.


PROLOGUE prides itself in offering our clients full transparency and information access. Out of a selection of competitive “Shared Information” and “Supply Chain Management” systems, our customers choose a solution which best suits their business processes.